College Storage in Fairfield, ME

College Storage Rentals in Fairfield, METodd’s Self Storage is excited to now offer College Summer Break Storage! This new program is so much more than just a storage unit. We provide the student with the boxes, packing tape, labeling materials, even a marker. Bring your stuff to us and we’ll pack it away in our clean, secure facility for the summer!

The purpose of this college storage program is to have a dedicated space, set aside year-round, specifically for college student storage. We’ve purchased a facility in Oakland, Maine that is less than a 10-minute drive from both Colby College and Thomas College. We are a bit further from other Maine institutions but welcome students from those as well.

Space is limited, sign up today!

How it Works-

For one affordable price, a student can bring us their items at the end of the school year. We will store them in our clean and secure storage facility until the student returns for the fall semester. When you sign up, you will find out when and where you will get your packing materials, then we’ll schedule a date for your drop off and pick up. Easy Peezy!

We will provide each student with Heavy Duty boxes, packing tape and dispenser, labels and a marker. A “how to” description will be provided for labeling packages to ensure proper identification. Keep in mind packages need to be under 50lbs, if it’s too heavy a surcharge will apply.


Our summer storage program offers two affordable packages as well as the flexibility of per item pricing for non-boxed items.

    • Small package- 2 x-large Heavy Duty boxes and 2 medium boxes (12 cubic ft.) – $190.00
    • Large package- 4 x-large Heavy Duty boxes and 2 medium boxes (21 cubic ft.) – $275.00
    • X-large Heavy Duty box= 24”x18”x18” or 4.5 cubic ft.
    • Medium Heavy Duty box=16.5”x12.5”x12.5” or 1.5 cubic ft.

Many students find that the large package is sufficient for all of their dorm room contents, but you can order boxes individually if you need more.

  • Additional boxes- (price includes summer storage)Medium- $35
    X-large- $50

Non-boxed items-

    • (items that will fit in one of our boxes must be stored in a box)

    • Small items- $35
      Examples of Small items- microwaves, monitors and TV’s under 33” diagonal, lamps, small night stands, fans.
    • Large items- $50
      Examples of Large items- Bicycles, ski’s, snowboard’s, TV’s over 33” diagonal, mini-fridge under 4 cu. ft., plastic tote or drawers, suitcase, trunk, gaming or desk chair, carpet, small file cabinet.
    • X Large items like furniture, mattresses and appliances will be considered and priced on a piece by piece basis and as space allows.

Please contact us for specific item clarification.

Other details-

Once dropped off, you will not have access to your belongings until the scheduled pick up date.

Fall and Spring semester storage will be available for students studying abroad at the same summer rates on a per-semester basis.

Our facility is not climate controlled; students should avoid storing items that may be damaged by excessive heat (Candles, Crayons, Scented wax melts, etc.) or excessive cold (anything that could freeze).

*What cannot be stored*

  • Food
  • Mirrors
  • Plants
  • Medications
  • Explosives (fireworks)
  • Items prohibited by law

Valuables like jewelry or expensive electronics should not be stored, just to be safe.